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Meet Kristina

Read about her journey with Personal Training and how she lost 16 kg in 9 months​
The starting point

I have always had yoyo weight. I lost weight and gained it and then gained some again. I was too big. I couldn't fit any of the fancy clothes I dreamed of buying. Was depressed every time I had to buy clothes and it was a duty more than pleasure. At one point I noticed how my stomach was in the way of tying my shoes. It was a terrible feeling. I didn't have any energy after a day at work. Was just tired. Furthermore, it was hard for me to keep up with my daughter.

Now I had had enough! If for nothing else, I didn't want to pass this bad lifestyle to my daughter. She should not think of her mother as her the chubby one lying on the couch, watching TV and eating too much. I was really tired and sad about my situation. For over a year, I had also struggled with pain in my hip and knee. In fact, I was tested to see if there was something wrong with the hip. Thank God the scans showed that everything was ok.

My conclusion was that I was too heavy and too out of shape. Therefore, I wanted to lose weight and strengthen my muscles, so I could hopefully avoid pain in my hip and still be able to dance my beloved Zumba. But I was also scared. Afraid of the risk of getting a lifestyle disease. My health became the main  focus. Good health wide means quality of life. I wondered why I hadn't appreciated and taken better care of my body. It's the body I live in every day and I should feel good about it.

The first step on my way was the realization that I needed to make a significant lifestyle change and that I needed help.

My goal: weight loss and maintain weight, prevent lifestyle diseases and build muscles up to avoid injuries. My appearance was initially not the most important thing. Fortunately, Yvonne accepted to be my personal trainer :-)


Yvonne as a Trainer

Yvonne - is amazing! Now I said it :-) Yvonne listens with her life-affirming, sweet and happy disposition. Has so much empathy towards people and is a perfectionist to the finger tips. Yvonne controls the training from beginning to end and never loses focus. She is attentive and alert. She motivates me in a way that I know it is all about me, it's my responsibility alone and there is no easy road.

Yvonne is a tremendous help, to have at my side and on my way towards my goal. One can be sure that Yvonne picks up on everything, for example, if an exercise is being performed just a little bit wrong. Yvonne corrects and demonstrates so the exercise is performed perfectly and the effect is top notch. For me it has made ​​a big difference to meet and train with Yvonne!

I am challenged and pushed to give my optimal performance compared to if I had trained alone. Her support and guidance during the hour means I get 100% value for money. She can quickly see how you're doing/feeling that day and customise the day's training on the spot. Yvonne herself is always in top condition and is up-to-date with the developments within the fitness industry. She always have an answer to questions regarding training. Without exception I have looked forward to each and every workout with Yvonne. She makes me "happy and bubbly" and fills me with energy and positive thoughts.


My Experience

I was very excited about my and Yvonne's first meeting. I felt embarrassed to have ended up in that situation and that I couldn't even get back on track. After having put all the cards on the table with Yvonne, there was no turning back. However, it wasn't embarrassing to talk with Yvonne. On the contrary, it felt good to talk it all through and I was hugely motivated to get started. Yvonne didn't judge me at all, she made ​​me take responsibility for my goals. I left the meeting feeling great confidence in Yvonne.

On the diet side of things, Yvonne recommended I keep a diary, for everything I ate and drank. It was a very effective way to think about and be aware of what I put in my mouth. On the training side, Yvonne began to build me slowly up. The program focused on cardio training, which I thought was a brilliant way to start. Then she introduced me to strength training, which I had prejudices about and believed boring. But the effects caused me to keep it up with both cardio and strength training with free weights. With Yvonne's good instruction, it was no big deal to train free weights in the gym.

In the beginning, it was very intimidating to stand amongst all the men at the gym who used very heavy weights compared to me. After a few times it was OK and the feeling of constantly becoming stronger and stronger was super cool. Yvonne gradually changes/optimizes the training method and adds new exercises. The program switches so that I feel challenged and don't feel bored with the exercises. She is always aware of my hip/knee problems.

The result is now that I prefer really hard training, where I can give it all I've got. Because my foundation and technique has been built up steadiy, I can cope with the hard training, which is very effective. However, I am always respectful as not to incur an injury. An injury would set back my training.


My Results


My energy level has increased significantly! Before I sat every evening exhausted after a long day, staring into the TV while I filled my body with sugar and carbohydrates. I spent many hours in front of the TV - now I spend a lot of hours training my body and mind. At times, I am still amazed at how much energy I have and enjoy it very much. My activity level has increased, sleep is great after a day of much training. I just need to lie on the mattress and bam! I sleep a beautiful, undisturbed sleep.

My skin is nicer - fewer pimples. I have never doubted my husband's love for me, but I must say he seems extra happy for me now :-) When family, friends and colleagues notice my weight loss, I am proud and happy. I have even caught myself noticing that some of me is missing! My butt has shrunk! It's been a very amazing experience. I have bought new, smart clothes and feel great in it. My self-esteem has increased.

The best and most important thing that has happened to me is that I feel healthy, strong, energetic and not at high risk of lifestyle diseases. My blood pressure and my blood sugar percentage has recently been measured to be completely normal and healthy.


Weight lost: 16 kg

Reduction in cm:


Arms -4 cm, chest circumference/chest -8/12 cm, Waist -21 cm, Hip -16cm, Thigh -10cm


For me, the decision to have a personal trainer was the best choice I've made for myself in a long time. When choosing my food and exercise, I always think twice. Because in a week I know I'm going to meet with Yvonne and I have to keep up with her ​​challenges.

Thanks Yvonne - you have made a difference in my life :-)


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