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Personal Training with Yvonne





I believe in quality over quantity and therefore have limited spaces in my calender for a few personal training clients.


I offer personal training and couples training at Sporting Health Club on Åboulevard, in central Copenhagen. 


For a full price list please contact me via email at or click here to send me a message.



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Are you tired of yoyo-dieting and boring exercise programs that don't seem to work? Perhaps the only thing you need is someone to guide you, motivate you and inspire you to change your lifestyle & waistline forever. 

With personal training, I can help you get on track by designing a program just for you and together we will reach your fitness goals.

I specialize in weight loss, bodybuilding, running programs and strength training programs. I also enjoy mixing it up with plyometrics, kettlebells, elastic bands, circuit training and more. There is never a dull workout!


However you cannot out-train a bad diet, so together we will take a look at your eating habits and make appropriate adjustments that are realistic, sustainable and that fit your goals.

I train all my clients at Sporting Health Club on Åboulevard, just a 5 min walk from Forum metro station. It's a well-equipped gym with a casual atmosphere in central Copenhagen. 

I am 100% committed to helping you reach your goals. So take that step towards a healthier and fitter you! 


Contact me for prices and package deals. 



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