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Meet Pia

She lost 14 kg in 5 months with Zumba® Fitness 


"I have gone to Zumba® with MYworkout for over 3 years now and I think it is so fantastic.


In the beginning I had a hard time figuring out the moves but Yvonne is very sweet and very good at taking the time to show the steps and making sure everyone can follow. In time I learned to move my hips and began to use muscles I didn't even know I had. 


Yvonne is good at getting everyone to pick up the pace so everyone really works up a sweat and there are no exceptions. The classes are high-energy and Yvonne is always in a good mood so you never notice that a whole hour has gone by the time we get to the cool-down.


During the first 4-5 months I lost 14 kg. by just going to Zumba® 1-2 times a week and I eat exactly as I usually do. I can definitely feel the difference in my clothes, so I had to go out and shop for smaller sizes.


Zumba® with Yvonne has also been great for my self-confidence and, I believe, in the way I carry myself. I can feel that I'm not in quite so good a mood when I miss my Zumba® training. I only have good things to say about Yvonne and her Zumba® classes."


Best Regards from


Pia Christina Stage - Larsen

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