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If you've visited my instagram profile @myworkout_yvonne then you've seen through my pictures and in my bio that I'm a self-proclaimed sneaker and gym gear fanatic.

When you're prepping for competition, you train often twice daily and I also teach Zumba several times a week. So I can easily wear 2 to 3 sets of gym clothes per day, which translates into 99% gym gear in my hamper.

I have drawers full of gym gear from different brands, which I use for different types of training: running, Zumba, lifting, yoga, etc. Therefor I have 3 criteria when I try new brands and gear.

Fit: How well the gear sits, feels and how well it stays in place during a workout.

Material: How breathable and comfortable the material is during a workout and how well it keeps it's shape and quality after washing.

Price: Price compared to the above factors and performace,


Fitnesspigen.dk is a Danish fitness apparel website owned by the dedicated and fitness-loving Danish fitness trainer, Michelle O. Hansen.

Fitnesspigen.dk hand-picks all the brands on their website and they are one of the largest distributors of 2XU gear for women in Denmark.

I received the set seen in the picture and wore it for a HIIT session of treadmill sprints and weight-lifting session of chest and triceps. Below I will review each item seperately.

2XU Compression Long-sleeved Top

I was a bit nervous at first because I am not used to training with long-sleeves and I was afraid I would feel too warm and my movement would be restricted.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this top fit like a glove on my body and it felt great during the whole workout.The gentle compression on the arms and abdomen give great support, it doesn't feel restictive. The material is breathable, it took the beating of even doing workout on the floor without a problem and it washed well. Do not tumble dry, of course!

My only remark would be that they are slightly small in size so next time I will order a Medium. The small I have rides up just a tad when sprinting because it's a btt too small.

You can find this top in blue and black on Fitnesspigen.dk right here:


2XU Compression Tights

When I unpacked these tights, I was skeptical about their compression features because they felt so light and the material is so thin. I wondered if they'd be able to give my legs the support I was expecting and live up to the hype I had heard so much about with these popular 2XU tights.

But I learned my lesson! Do not let the light-weight fabric fool you! These tights fit incrediblly well on the body and they give great support on your legs during a run that is pleasant and functional.

My only remark is that they are on the pricey side at 999 dkk for a pair. But I do feel the quality and durability of the material and the functionality of the design is worth the price if you are a dedicated runner or fitness enthusiast that trains 3 or more times a week. These tights aren't just trendy, they're great fitness gear, so if you want something that gives support to your legs and stays in place, these are definitely a good investment.

You can find these tights on Fitnesspigen.dk in other colors and in full-length and capri:


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