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This week's favorite

When I'm bulking it's super easy to just grab for the nearest protein bar, but when I'm cutting, especially for competition, I want to be sure I'm hitting my macros and staying within my calories. A protein bar on-the-go can easily mess up my entire macro split for the day because your average bar has at least 200 calories and it'll swallow a good portion of your carb, fat and protein intake for the day. And the worst part is that a short time after, you'll be hungry again. Bummer.

So imagine my delight when I discovered the low carb Free Crunch Bars from Isis which only contain 119 calories per bar and they taste delicious!

The Free Crunch Bar contains a good amount of protein and fiber for a little snack bar, and no added sugars.

I don't know why the prices of protein and snack bars has exploded recently, but I can't afford to be paying 20 - 30 kroner daily for a snack. And most protein bars can only be purchased at the gym or specialized stores.

This brings me to my next point: price and convenience.You can find Free Crunch bars at almost any supermarket for 10 -12 kroner and you can find them even cheaper online:

So if you're looking for a healthy, convenient and budget-friendly snack, then I can totally recommend Free Crunch Bar from Isis. It's definitely a permanent favorite in my gym bag all year round from now on.

FYI. these delicious snack bars are also available in other flavors like: Strawberry, Coconut and Muesli with Chocolate. They all range from 126 calories and under.

Have you tried any of these flavors? Which one is your favorite?

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