Power Bank by Glitter

This Week's Favorite

This week's favorite may seem odd because it's a gadget and, technically, it has nothing to do with the fit life. However it has been a nifty little gadget to have with me to recharge my iphone when I've been out and about teaching my Zumba classes or after my workouts when I've been using battery-draining apps like Endomondo and/or JeFit.

I don't know about you, but I feel like the battery-life on my phone gets shorter and shorter. It's most likely due to different factors like all the apps I have running simultaneously, the brightness of my screen, etc. And although I usually have a charger in my bag, it's not always possible to find an outlet and wait those 15-30 minutes for your battery to charge.

I was intrigued when I discovered this portable charger labelled "Power Bank" at Glitter, which is a Swedish jewelry and accessory chain with stores across Scandinavia. It wasn't the type of item I would expect to find among all the pretty bling-bling earrings and hair extensions, so naturally, I was skeptical about whether this product would deliver. But before I get into that, let me tell you about the "Power Bank".

Power Bank by Glitter

The Power Bank is a small, cylindrical portable charger or power supply for smartphones, tablets or ipods.

It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge your Power Bank and it can then charge an almost dead smartphone to 100% battery power.

This item is available at all Glitter stores for 149 kroner, and includes a short USB cable that can be used for charging the Power Bank, but did not work for connecting the power bank to my phone. The sales associate at the store had told me that I shouldn't rely on the included USB cable for that purpose. She recommended either using my iphone charger cable or buying one of the many colorful USB cables they sold for 50 - 60 kr. The Power Bank itself is also available in an array of colors.

Does it work?

Yes, it actually does. I've been using it regularly for the passed 2 weeks and it is easy to charge, it's light-weight and easy to have with you on-the-go. It can fully charge my battery when it's close to dying on me, which makes it a godsend in my book.

On one occasion, it managed to fully charge my phone plus give my boyfriend's iphone 30% battey power in one go. On another occasion, I had charged the power bank, forgotten in my bag overnight without having used it, and, without having recharged it, I was still able to charge my phone to almost full battery the next day. So it managed to store the charged power pretty well.

I am loving the Power Bank by Glitter and that's why it's this week's favorite.

Have you tried it? Or have you tried a similar product? What did you think?

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