TEI-systems & Lipo Laser treatments at Just Beauty Østerbro

When I made my bikini fitness debut on September 7th, 2014, I came in at 13.9% body fat and placed in the Top 6. The feedback I had gotten from the judges post-comp was that they wanted me to achieve a harder look. That basically translates to lower body fat percentage and tightening up in my trouble areas which are my glutes and thighs.

I had precisely 3 weeks till the next comp, so I focused on my diet and fasted HIIT cardio to help me achieve my new goal which was 12% body fat and tighter thighs and glutes.

In between my competitions, I saw that there was a deal for these TEI-systems & Lipo Laser treatments on a daily bargain site. I had heard about these treatments before through a cosmetologist friend of mine and through another competitor. They both claimed that they had tried it and it had worked for them, so I have to admit that I was intrigued. Could these treatments help me achieve my goal of tightening up my thighs and glutes? Could they help me with those stubborn fat deposits?

Before I purchased the deal however I went online and did some research about these treatments to understand what they supposedly do.

What is Lipo Laser?

Lipo Laser is a 100% non-invasive procedure that stimulates and mobilizes fat cells in problem areas like thighs, buttocks, arms, abdomen, calves, knees, chest (for men), love-handles, hips, etc.

Eight paddles are placed on and around the area(s) that one wishes to sculpt and strapped tightly in place with elastic bands. The laser pulses on these paddles stimulate the fat cell membrane and triggers triglycerides to breakdown into fatty acids and glycerol that can then be metabolized as energy for the muscles by the body.

The procedure usually takes approximately 20 minutes and is completely painless.

What is TEI-Systems?

TEI-Systems, like Lipo Laser, also targets stubborn fat areas however it is done through a combination of electrostimulation and heat theraphy. Thermo-stimulation strips lined with a thin layer of conductive electro-gel are placed in the desired areas and strapped in to place with elastic bands.

The infrared heat penetrates 3-4 cm into the skin, stimulating fat cells and lymphatic drainage. This is beneficial for helping the body get rid of waste products and for boosting the metabolism.

The electrotherapy pulses stimulate small, hard-to-reach muscles while toning and tightening the skin.

The TEI-systems machine has up to 21 different treatments that can be customized to fit your fitness/beauty goals. A treatment can take anywhere between 20 - 45 minutes depending on where you have it done and one treatment gives the equivalent of 4 - 7 hours of training.

My experience

The deal I purchased was for 8 Lipo Laser and 8 TEI-systems treatments at a small clinic called Just Beauty in Østerbro. The treatments usually are combined, meaning that you first start out with 20 minutes of Lipo Laser immediately followed by 25 minutes of TEI-systems. The combination of the 2 treatments are supposed to render the best results. I therefor booked 2 appointments per week to see if I could achieve some good results up to my competition.

The Just Beauty Clinic is easy to get to, it's a few minutes walk from Østerbro Station. It definitely isn't the most modern looking clinic as the decor is quite out-dated. However I received great service from the staff during my treatments, so that made up for the less than stellar surroundings.

On the first day, the Just Beauty assistant weighed me and measured the areas I was looking to target: thighs, hips and glutes. She said that they would take the measurements again on the final treament to see how many centimeters I had lost.

The Lipo Laser treatments were always nice and easy, I only felt a vague sensation of heat eminating from the paddles and I basically could take a relaxing power nap during that portion of the treatment.

The TEI-system treatment was definitely the most "eventful" of the treatments (as seen in picture on left). On two occasions I experienced a painful cramping and the assistant had to turn off the machine and start over at a lower strength level. Luckily the electro pulses can be regulated in strength so you can get used to it before trying to go for an intense level. The assistant assured me that cramping was not a common reaction to the treatment, so perhaps my muscles reacted that way because I was undergoing intense training and they were tired. So I tried to take as high a strength level as I could manage without cramping, but it was definitely not pleasant! On the other hand, I could really feel those muscles contracting so I decided to take the "no pain, no gain" approach.

Results? Does it work?

As I mentioned earlier, I was in between competitions when I underwent these

treatments so I was training intensely and I was on a calorie-restricted diet. With that said, I actually felt like I could see a difference, especially on my thighs, after just a few treatments. At first I thought it was wishful thinking but I after the 3rd treatment I measured around my thighs and I had lost 1.5 cm around my thighs.

I only had 3 weeks before my next competition, so I managed to squeeze in 6 treatments before show time. I stood on that stage at my goal body fat of 12% and with a total of 3 cm off my thighs. I believe that my training and diet were the ultimate reason for these results, but I also believe that the Lipo Laser and TEI-system treatments helped me achieve my goals within the short timeframe.

That's why I would say that Lipo Laser and TEI-system treatments do work and can be effective in sculpting those problem areas when combined with a healthy diet and an effective training routine.

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