7 Last minute Christmas gift ideas

If you have a better half, a friend or a sibling that loves the fit life or is considering starting their fitness journey in the new year, then this list is perfect for you.

If you're anything like me, then here we are, 13 days till Christmas Eve and you still haven't bought all your presents or stocking fillers. Whether it's because of a busy schedule due to work or school, time is running out, my friend! Especially if you don't have time to be running around a mall and prefer to buy your gifts online.

So, in order to help any other Christmas-panicked souls out there, I've compiled a list of gift ideas for inspiration that both a fit guy or fit girl would love to find under the tree or in their Christmas stockings. All the items on this list can be ordered within the next week and be delivered in time for Christmas.

Hope it helps! And Merry Christmas!

1. Training gloves

Every fit guy and girl needs a good pair of training gloves to help them avoid getting calloused or blistered hands.

I have tried a few brands and I absolutely love my Better Bodies training gloves because the palms have padding so your grip feels comfortable and it protects your skin. They are available for men and women.

If your fit guy or gal likes to lift heavy, then you could get them gloves with integrated wrist wraps that support the wrist.

2. Wrist Wraps

I wear my wrist wraps only when I feel I need the extra support because I personally do not llike to have wrist wraps on during my entire workout. With that said, I do like to have them on during heavy lifts where my wrists need some extra stability, like shoulder or bench press.

Better Bodies make good wrist wraps for both men and women. GASP is also a good option for men. Either way, it's a great gift and/or stocking-filler for a fit girl or guy.

3. Healthy Baking Kit

If your fit guy or girl loves to experiment with protein desserts and bars in the kitchen, then they will absolutely love a healthy baking kit containing the essentials for making delicious and healthy treats.

Bodylab has a new line of Super Foods and has a special package on offer right now. It contains 1 kg of protein powder with the flavor of your choice, organic almond flour, organic coconut flour and a healthy sugar alternative. Plus Bodylab has free shippng up to Christmas and they deliver next day.

Find the link to this package right here.

4. Protein Cookbook

If you are already considering getting them a baking kit and want to go all out for your fit partner, you could also purchase a protein cookbook for inspiration. I personally like "Protein Opskrifter" by Danish protein recipe blogger, Morten Svane. Click here to find a link to the book.

If you don't read Danish and/or prefer English, then Anna Sward's "he Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cook Book" has gotten great reviews. Check out the link to her book right here.

5. Fitness Literature

If your fit guy or girl are really starting to get serious about their training or they are just starting their fitness journey, then help them on the right track by giving them a gift that just keeps on giving GAINS.

Mike Matthew's books "Bigger, Leaner, Stronger" (BLS) for mean and "Thinner, Leaner, Stronger" (TLS) for women, have everything a fitness girl or guy needs to know about training. His books are what helped me get started on my fitness journey and I still go back to these books when I need inspiration for my diet or training. I know I probably sound like a broken record but Mike's books are a must-read for any fitness enthusiast.

Find the link to BLS here. Find the link to TLS here. And FYI both books are available as e-downloads for tablets and kindles, and also as audio books.

6. X2U Gear

I love my gym gear, but very few brands have impressed me the way X2U has. The brand is definitely the brand you want to get your fitness partner if you want to spoil them and give them something high-quality that can take a beating during a hard workout.

Both the compression tights and tops have a fantastic fit, the material is comfortable, durable and breathable and you can feel that they give you that extra support during your workout.They are fantastic for runners, but they are also great for any type of sport or workout.

If you're in Denmark, then you should definitely check out Fitnesspigen.dk for a great variety of 2XU gear for women.

For a great selection of 2XU tights for men, then definitely check out Cooltights.dk

7. Fitness Tracker

Help keep your fitness guy or gal motivated and on track by giving them a cool and functional fitness tracker. There are so many on the market at the moment that it is tough to know which one to go for, but I personally have my eye on 2 trackers that I wouldn't mind having myself.

Jawbone UP24 is definitely for the stylish fitness enthusiast that wants something discreet yet functional. Its features include sleep, step and activity tracking, smart coaching to help you set goals, a smart alarm that will wake you up when you are refreshed and it comes with an app for your smart phone so you can follow your stats and log your meals as well.

You can read more about Jawbone UP24 here.

Garmin Vivosmart also has a great design, but is more obviously a fitness accessory than the Jawbone UP24.

Garmin Vivosmart has a OLED touchscreen that not only tells time, it shows you steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, and even gives you notifications from your smart phone. You can track your sleep, set goals and it also syncs automatically to your smartphone.

Read more about Garmin Vivosmart here.

The only obvious difference between these 2 models, besides the design, is that Jawbone UP24 doesn't track your heart rate. So when deciding on a model, you just have to consider on whether tracking heart rate is a an important feature for your fit girl or guy. For example, if your fit partner is a runner or does a lot of circuit training, then heart rate is quite important. If your fit partner mostly lifts weights and doesn't focus much on cardio, then heart rate isn't essential for them.

Both these models can be found on Danish websites like Løbeshop.dk

Get cracking on purchasing those gifts before it's too late! ;) Merry Christmas!

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