Bodylab's Slow Release Casein Powder

This Week's Review

Now if you've been taking your casein powder every evening as your pre-sleep supplement then you know what I mean when I say... YUCK! GROSS! HATE IT!

Casein powder is a type of protein powder that takes 6 - 8 hours to be metabolized by the body, making it ideal as a pre-sleep supplement. By taking casein before going to bed you avoid your muscles going into a catabolic state while sleeping.

However anyone who has been taking casein for a while and tried a few brands will tell you that it is not a delicious tasting supplement. Casein doesn't have the same texture as whey protein powder, it tends to be thicker, grainy and, most often than not, it tastes pretty awful.

I've tried many different brands and flavors in the 3 years that I've supplemented with Casein, and I was close to giving up hope in finding one that didn't make me cringe.

So you can imagine my delight when I tried Bodylab's Chocolate-flavored Slow Release Casein Powder and discovered that it had a neutral flavor and great solubility. Please note that it is NOT a sweet tasting protein powder and it is not comparable to a regular whey protein powder in any way. But I am more than happy with a neutral flavor that has a hint of chocolate flavor and a texture that is palpable and less grainy than any other brand I've tried so far.

The price is reasonable, the delivery is fast and, most importantly, I've stopped cringing every time I have to take my pre-sleep supplement.

You can find and order your Bodylab Casein right here.

On days when I feel like I could use an extra flavor boost for my sweet tooth, I've added a dollop of Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup. It works!

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