SLEEP - My new years resolution

So it's New Year and we all have a new years resolution or two we want to try to work on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to rain on anyone's resolution parade, because, in fact, I'm all for it. I think it could do us all some good to reflect on the passed year and strive to improve on our weak points.

I've personally been thinking a lot about what I can do to be a better athlete and how I could generally improve my well-being. Luckily I am already quite on-track with my training and diet, although I am aware, of course, that there is always room for improvement. But there is one particular area that has been a bit off-balance in comparison to the rest of my structured lifestyle, and it is namely SLEEP.

Admittedly I have always been a night-owl. I feel like I get my best ideas at night when everything is quiet and there are fewer distractions. I have gotten better over the passed 3 years since I started competing, but I know that I could be much better at prioritizing my sleep.

My goal is to get to bed by 11:00pm and get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. By doing this I hope to improve my post-training recovery, my overall performance and my health.

It seems like an easy enough resolution, right? Well.. I find it very difficult to get to bed at that time and I find that I could use some help and motivation to start breaking my bad habit.

Luckily I think I found just the thing to help me get started on my resolution. A few months ago I happened to stumble across an article in an in-flight magazine on my way home from a holiday that introduced me to a sleep monitor called Beddit

Beddit is a Finnish product that monitors your sleep through help of a sensitive force sensor and measures heart beat, respiration and movements while you sleep. Through these 3 signals, Beddit can begin to gather and analyze your sleep time and sleep quality. It will detect if you get up during the night and it even detects your snoring - and you needn't worry about - or try to deny - it accidently picking up your partner's snoring, because through the sensitive force sensor and the microphone in your phone, it can recognize your snoring.

The Beddit monitor comes in white and black and with a power adaptor available with a UK or EU plug, compatible with 100 - 240 volts. The Beddit app can be downloaded for free on the App store or Google play and you can track and visualize your sleeping patterns through charts and data collected during the night. Beddit will also give you tips and suggestions to help improve your sleep based on the data collected.

I can't wait to get started with my Beddit! Wish me luck! :)

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