Meal Prep Containers in Denmark

So last week I posted this picture on instagram showing my meal prep all neatly lined up in their tupperwares. Since then I've gotten many questions from my lovely Danish readers and followers asking me where I bought my tupperwares with the practical divider.

Unfortunately the tuppers I have were bought in the US at a Walmart or Target for 3 bucks a piece. But here in Denmark, it can actually be tough to find some tuppers that are practical to take with you on-the-go and aren't too expensive. So I thought I'd try to find some options in different price ranges for my Danish friends.

Some people also asked me how many they containers I'd recommend they buy. I have 8 containers because I usually make lunch and dinner every third or forth day. So it's nice to have the extra set so my food preps have an easy overlap. So 8 is perfect for me, but there's no magic number. It also depends on how serious you are planning on getting with your meal prepping and how many days a week you want to prep for.

Hope this list helps you, my lovely Danish friends :)

1. Tupperware on

If you don't mind a colorful set of tuppers that are intended for kids, but are a fine size for a fit girl's meal and/or snacks.

The great thing about tupperware containers like this one is that they are slim and easy to stack, making them really practical for a small fridge or for having in your gym bag. Plus the divider is detachable making it easy to wash and also flexible for the days when you need the whole space instead of 2.

These cost 11.99 British pounds plus shipping.

2. Slimline Quaddie by Sistema on Amazon

Sistema containers are super practical and although this one is also meant for kids, I think it has a great size for a fitgirl's meal with 4 compartments: a large bottom section large enough for a sandwich or salad, 2 smaller snack compartments and 1 section which contains a drink flask (which could also be used for dressing). It's freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe and handy to take on-the-go.

This particular color (aqua) is on offer for only 4.00 British pounds plus shipping. The same seller on Amazon (which is Sistema) also has this model in pink and black for 5.00 and 6.99 British pounds respectively.

A larger size of 2.5 liters is also available in a variety of colors from the same seller for 9.99 British pounds.

3. Sistema triple split lunchbox from

If you haven't tried shopping from and you perhaps feel more comfortable shopping online locally, then I found some sistema containers on a Danish site called

These lunchboxes have 3 divided spaces and are available in pink, green, blue and blue. Like all Sistema containers they are freezer, dishwasher and microwave friendly - as well as lead- and BPA-free.

They are on offer right now at 35% off - so each container is 65.00 dkk plus shipping.

4. Funktion 2 compartment lunchbox with fork from

This option is the pricier one of the list but I thought it was a cute color and very practical. The container has 2 compartments sized 660 ml and 900 ml and has a small compartment in the lid for stowing the fork that comes with the lunchbox.

It is also dishwasher and microwave safe and is available right now at at 12% off for 131.96 dkk plus shipping.

Hope this little list helps you get started on your meal prep and fitness journey! Remember that just by starting to make small changes, you will begin to see and feel the difference in your body and health. You got this!

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