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This Week's Review

So yesterday afternoon I got to try a 20 minute personal training session with EMS-training at Fitxpress.dk in the heart of Copenhagen.

I had read a bit about the training on their website: www.fitxpress.dk - but nothing that I had read compared to the experience of suiting up and feeling those electrical impulses running through my body!

What is EMS-training?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation which consists of electrical impulses that induce muscle contraction throughout the body. These electrical impulses mimic the same impulses that occur in our bodies when our central nervous system sends a message through our neurons to the muscles, brain, glands and other sensory receptors. So, essentially, EMS-training uses a natural way to train our muscles.

When you arrive at Fitxpress you are given a top and shorts to change into and then suited up in a state-of-the-art training suit that has electrodes placed over the large muscle groups. The electrodes in the suit have been fully soaked in water in order to facilitate the connection between the impulses and the muscles. The impulses come from a device that can run a variety of fitness programs depending on your fitness goals and physical condition. In other words, the trainer will design a program just for you and constantly regulate the intensity to make sure that you get the best workout for your level as safely as possible.

My EMS-training session

The trainer I worked with was very professional and she made me feel like I was in good hands. She started me off with a short warm-up so I could begin to get used the feeling of the electrical impulses. Then she coached me through a series of squat exercises where I worked against the impulses for 4 seconds and relaxed for 4 seconds. I quickly learned that it was key to tense and contract my muscles the second before the first impulse came so I could successfully complete the exercise. We also did a series of upper body exercises for biceps, back and triceps that had me sweating like crazy. The tricep exercises were especially challenging but they were awesome!

It is difficult to describe how it feels to receive these impulses and have to exercise at the same time. If I didn't contract my muscles on time, my muscles would spasm slightly and I couldn't complete the exercise. So the first few sessions are all about getting your body used to the impulses and learning how and when to contract and breathe.

EMS-training isn't painful exactly, but it is challenging and I laughed quite a bit as I tried to get into the swing of it. I guess I would say that it's a good pain, comparable to the pain you feel when you are working out really hard and heavy. I personally love that pain, it makes me feel alive and like I really have used my body well.

See a short video of me doing a EMS training warm-up here.

The verdict

I can actually say that I am pretty sore today after yesterday's session. I'm quite sure I can increase the degree of electrical impulses next time though, because I feel sore but it's not that bad.

I have to admit that I was skeptical about this training at first, especially since it is only a 20-minute session, but I have to eat my words and say that not only is EMS-training effective, it is so fun and incredibly time-efficient. Plus you feel like a super hero when you get strapped into that training suit!

I can see how this type of training would be a wonderful supplement to any athlete's or fitness enthusiast's training routine because it allows you to train hard without inducing any impact on your joints. This makes EMS-training especially great for rehabilitation of injuries, post-pregnancy training and even for those who wish to beautify their bodies.

I think EMS-training is a type of training I could definitely become addicted to because you feel it working during and after the workout, plus you can continously progress and challenge yourself by increasing the amount of electrical impulses your muscles can take and the difficulty of the exercises.

I already booked my next appointment and I can't wait! :)

Interested in trying EMS-training?

Then go to www.fitxpress.dk to read more and book a trial appointment for only 99 kr.

On a tight schedule? No problem! Fitxpress can also bring the workout to your home or work place. So there is literally no excuse to not get into great shape. See more on Fitxpress' website.

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