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I couldn't wait to share this with you guys! I am so psyched about my new Lorna Jane tights!

Why on earth hadn't I heard about this brand before? I have to thank my friend, Kira Eggers (who is awesome, by the way - check her blog out here), for introducing me to this vibrant Australian brand. Kira happened to be wearing a Lorna Jane outfit during one of our trainings and I absolutely loved the colors. She's wearing the set in the picture below. Super cute, right?

So I went to visit the official Lorna Jane showroom and distributor, Fitspiration, in Østerbro. Fitspiration is an active showroom, which means that they both have Lorna Jane on display and they also host many activities, such as TRX classes, yoga, motivational lectures - just to name a few. Find Fitspiration on Facebook here.

The owner of Fitspiration was kind enough to take the time to show me all the amazing pieces. I was inspired by her genuine enthusiasm for the Lorna Jane brand and now that I've been wearing the tights several times, I can understand why she loves it. I personally loved the playful colors and patterns and the positive, empowering messages written on the training tops, sweatshirts (like the one Kira's wearing) and gym bags (like the one behind Kira in the picture).

About my new Lorna Jane tights

A gorgeous pair of black full-length tights with bling details down the hips and legs. I was lucky to get the last pair of this model, which is a fantastic blend between sports clothing and fashion wear. I say this because I've worn them both to the gym and out-n-about with an oversized tee and biker boots. In both cases they looked fab and they made me feel glamorous.

The quality is amazing and I feel like it compresses and supports in all the right places. I get a great butt in these tights! And who doesn't love that? I've washed them already and they wash and dry well and quickly. I washed them inside out to protect the bling, of course.

I initially wanted the colorful tights that Kira had, but unfortuntely they no longer had my size. The good thing and the bad thing about Lorna Jane collections is that she almost never repeats a look/model. So once it's sold out, that's it! It's a bad thing if you didn't manage to get the item you wanted, but it's also a good thing because the odds of bumping into someone with your outfit at the gym are minimal. And who doesn't love to have something exclusive?

So it's all about being quick and buying the items you love before they are snatched up by some other lucky fitgirl.

Visit www.fitspiration.dk today to see and buy the Lorna Jane collection available in Denmark before it's too late!

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