Test 1 - It Works! Wraps on Arms

Before we get started I just wanted to get one thing very clear: I am NOT a distributor of these products, nor do I have any affliliation to them. I am testing these products for the blog and reporting only on my personal results and opinions. Ok, glad we got that straight :)

So I decided that my first experience with the It Works! body applicators would be on my arms. I thought it was a good, safe place to start since I was told that the first time I applied the wraps, I could only have them on for 45 minutes.

However I still managed to lose track of time and the 45 minutes turned into a bit over an hour, and luckily my skin didn't have any allergic reaction to the cream on the wraps, so it was fine.

My experience

The first thing that struck me upon opening the individual packets of the It Works! body applicators, was the smell of the formula. It reminded me of Vick's Vaporub, the ointment my mother and grandmother would rub on my chest as a child when I was ill. So although it has a strong scent, I didn't find it particularly unpleasant but it does take some getting used to.

The wraps are these long, slightly oval-shaped cloth applicators that, when unfolded, you notice the light brown cream on one side. This is the side that must be applied directly on the skin, wrapped firmly around the area you wish to target and wrapped in again with plastic wrap (saran wrap) to keep the body applicator in place. I then put on a long-sleeved jersey top and just relaxed in front of the television, waiting for the wraps to do their thing.

I could feel the wraps on my skin, sometimes it felt cold, sometimes it felt hot - this is probably due to the menthol that is in the formula. Once again, it wasn't particularly unpleasant, it was just kind of an odd feeling. Plus you feel kind of goofy sitting there wrapped in plastic, smelling like Vaporub. But hey, you're in your own home where being and looking goofy is totally allowed.

The result

After the 45 minutes (which turned into a bit over an hour by accident) were up, I removed the wraps from my arms. Joan Warming, the Danish independent It Works! distributor that sponsored the products, had instructed me to massage the leftover cream from the wraps into my skin in circular motions - I did just that.

I measured my arms before and after the treatment and had taken photos before and after the treatments in order to document any results or lack thereof.

If I managed to measure correctly, it would seem that I lost 0.4cm around each arm as a result of the treatment. In the picture below you can see my arm before the treatment on the left and after the treatment on the right. I tried to keep the angles and posture as identical as possible for accurate comparison. There is a slight difference in my bicep and tricep, and I can see it on myself as well.

My Thoughts

The skeptic in me wants to argue that it is just subcutaneous water retention that has been alleviated by the wraps. However I haven't experienced losing so much around one area after a half hour in a sauna or steam bath, so perhaps there might be something else to it?

According to the It Works! website, they say that it is not water weight and that the centimeters lost will not come creeping back suddenly. They also claim that the formula will continue to work and yield results up to 72 hours after the treatment. That still remains to be seen, so I'll keep an eye on it.

I chatted with another It Works! distributor who told me that the wraps do not cause fat or weight loss, but that they do help rid your body of waste products and help tighten and tone your skin - this is what gives the appearance of having "lost" the fat or weight. She then told me that the wraps should not be viewed as a miracle quick-fix, but as a supplement to a healthy, active lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. She recommended I use the wraps on the area that I wished to target at least 4 times because I could not expect to see optimal results from just one treatment. She said it was like expecting an anti-wrinkle cream to work after just one application.

I have to say, this distributor's explanation seemed a bit more realistic and tangible compared to the overnight sensationalist gimmicky ads I see all over the internet about the It Works! treatment. If it were presented to me in this more matter-of-fact way rather than the quick-fix solution, perhaps I wouldn't be so skeptical about the products.

So far I'm pleased that the treatment on my arms helped bring out a little more tone, so I can definitely say they helped. My next treatment in 3 days will be around my thighs. So stay tuned to hear how that treatment turns out!

In the mean time, if you want to read more about the products Joan Warming has available you can check out her website: www.bodybeauty.nu or her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551058271789769/

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