Test 2 - It Works! Wraps on abs

I'm still testing out the body applicators from It Works! I was unfortunately sick all last week so I decided to put the testing on hold till I was well again. Now I'm back and continuing on my quest to find out why these wraps are so hyped online. Do they work? How do they work?

Once again I want to make something very clear before we get started I just wanted to get one thing very clear: I am NOT a distributor of these products, nor do I have any affliliation to them. I am testing these products for the blog and reporting only on my personal results and opinions.

The wraps I am testing were sponsored by Joan Warming, a local distributor or "wrapreneur" as they call themselves. She believes wholeheartedly in her products and therefor fully accepted that I would test the It Works! products and write my honest opinion on my blog. You can read more about the products Joan has available on: www.bodybeauty.nu or see more info on her Facebook page.

The first time you try the wraps it is recommended you only have them on for 45 minutes to see how your skin and body reacts to the special cream containing the It Works! botanically-based formula which is designed to help you tighten and tone your skin.

Last week I tried it for the first time on my upper arms for 45 minutes and saw some reduction around my arms - you can read Test 1 on arms blog post here.

My experience

Now that I was trying the wraps for the second time and had not experience any allergic reaction to the formula, I decided to try it on my stomach overnight - approximately 8 hours.

So after my evening shower, I measured myself around the narrowest part of my waist and around the widest part of my waist which is approximately 1 centimeter under my belly button. I then placed one of the wraps on my stomach and had my fiancé help wrap me in plastic wrap to hold the wrap in place, as you can see in the picture below.

I put on my pyjamas and went to bed. I wish I could say that was the end till I took it off the next day but, sadly, it isn't. I woke up many times during the night because I found it very uncomfortable to have the wrap with the plactic wrap on my skin for so many hours. I could feel the sweat beads building up under the plastic wrap where my skin couldn't breathe.

So Test 2 was not a pleasant experience for me, to say the least. Joan Warming told me that it does take some getting used to and if it really is too unpleasant for me that I could just use the wraps for 45 minutes or a couple of hours while I watch TV or sit on my laptop before going to bed. I definitely think the next couple of wrap tests will be done in that way because I value my sleep too much to suffer through another uncomfortable and restless night.

The results

When I finally removed the wrap in the morning, I massaged the leftover formula that was on my tummy into my skin in circular motions until it was all absorbed. Joan had instructed me to do this everytime I remove a wrap and to wait to shower for at least 3 - 5 hours in order to let the formula continue to work and do its magic.

I then proceded to re-measure myself in the same 2 areas as I had the night before: the narrowest and widest part around my waist. If I managed to measure in the exact same areas, then it would appear that I lost approximately 0.4 cm over my tummy during the night.

The picture below shows my tummy before the treatment on the left and in the morning after the treatment on the right. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use the same mirror in my bathroom in the morning because it was simply too dark. I know it isn't the exact mirror and the angle is a little different, so this picture isn't much help at all. Sorry about that! Need to work on my before/after picture-taking skills.

Seriously though the only difference I could see was that my abs were a little sharper in the morning, but that is usually the case when I've been naturally fasting and not drinking water during an entire night.

The skeptic in me still thinks that the reduction in centimeters/millimeters is due to an effective subcutaneous water retention loss due to the sweating I experienced during the course of the night and perhaps due to the special It Works! formula. I don't think it is a negative thing that the wraps help rid the body of excess water weight, some times you want to lose that extra water weight to fit into a dress for a party or look sharper for a photo shoot or you want to look leaner in your bathing suit. We all battle with excess water weight at some point or other.

I don't personally believe that any treatment or wrap can help you lose weight, but I think they could be a good supplement to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Upon careful reading of the information on the It Works! Global website about the wraps, it doesn't say that it helps you lose weight or fat. It says that it helps you tighten, tone and firm the skin in the area where the wrap is applied.

Whether the wraps do improve the texture of the skin, I cannot say with just a few tests. According to the measurements I took before and after, I saw some results and that is always a positive thing. However I don't know if Test 2 has made me quite the believer yet. But I still have 3 wraps left so stay tuned for some more It Works! tests :)

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