Tiny Teatox by Your Tea

This Week's Review

I finished my 2 weeks detox with Tiny Tea by Your Tea about a week ago. I waited to post about it so I could feel whether I felt a difference in my body when I wasn't drinking the tea regularly.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Tiny Tea, it is an organic herbal tea blend that is designed by Your Tea to help with:

  • Better digestion

  • Reduce bloating

  • Boost energy

  • Clear skin

  • Aid in weight loss

The Verdict

In my previous post about Tiny Teatox, where I wrote about how I felt during the 1st week of my detox, I had written that I had been drinking a cup of tea twice a day either 30 minutes before or after a meal. I also wrote that I couldn't say whether the tea was an effective weight loss aid, as I am already on a comp prepping diet and exercising every day.

However from the first week I could feel that my 2 cups of Tiny Tea per day really helped me reduce bloating and I felt like it aided in digestion. I looked forward to drinking my cups of Tiny Tea and never forgot to drink them. The wonderful herbal aroma and the pleasant taste was a real treat for me in between meals and I felt like I could give myself a 5 minute break to relax and enjoy my tea.

The only problem I had with the tea was that every other tea bag would be stuck to the sides of the individual paper wrapping. When I tried to pry it from the wrapping, the tea bag would break which is a bit annoying. Luckily I solved the problem by carefully removing the ripped tea bag from the wrapping and placing it in a tea strainer when I brewed my cup of tea. So have a tea strainer handy just in case.

In conclusion I can say that I really enjoyed my 2 weeks of Tiny Teatox. Now that I haven't been on the tea for a week I can feel the difference in my tendency to bloat in the evenings and my digestion. That alone is reason enough for me to recommend and reorder this fantastic tea for anyone who also struggles with a sensitive tummy and bloating.

And look forward to the lovely packaging and that amazing whiff of herbal goodness when you open your brand new tea box. I am definitely a fan!

FYI There is also a gluten-free Tiny Tea option, as well as a 28-day Tiny Teatox. :)

I'll be reordering my tea for sure! You can order yours by clicking here.

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