Walden Farms Coffee Creamers

This Week's Favorite

Like most people, I love my cup of coffee in the morning. And, like most people, I actually like cream and sugar in my coffee. Usually I switch out the regular sugar with a healthier sugar alternative and the cream with skimmed milk. However I still missed that still creaminess only coffee creamers can give your coffee... Till now!!

Walden Farms just added calorie-free & guilt-free coffee creamers to their product line and they taste amazing! They are currently available in 5 flavors: French Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut, Sweet Cream and Original flavor.

I ordered French Vanilla and Mocha this time and I absolutely loved both flavors! The French Vanilla, just as the name suggests, gives your coffee a creamy vanilla scent and flavor. The Mocha has a slight chocolately scent and taste, which is also lovely with your freshly brewed cup of joe.

I found that the creamers are sweet by themselves, so I didn't have to add any sweetener to my coffee when I used them. They are also quite concentrated so you only need to use about 3 teaspoons of creamer per cup, so they last for a bit.. and yet, not long enough!! I'm fresh out of Walden Farms Coffee Creamer now and I am definitely going to be reordering again soon. Perhaps I'll try the other flavors this time :)

Unfortuntely these coffee creamers are not available in Denmark yet, so I have to order mine from the UK which is a bit pricey with shipping but so very worth it, in my opinion.

I order many of my Walden Farms products from https://waldenfarmsltd.co.uk/

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