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I can't wait to tell you about this amazing product that has changed my life! Initially I had planned on testing and writing a review about it, but honestly, it was love at first workout with this headset so it's going straight to an all-time favorite blog post.

If you lift, run, walk or cycle, then Jabra Sport Pulse is definitely something for you. In a nutshell, the Jabra Sport Pulse is a wireless headset with an integrated heart rate monitor made specifically for the active and quality-conscious consumer.

This nifty and sporty headset gives you:

  • Wireless sound - approximately 5 hours of music/talk time with Dolby sound. The earbuds sit comfortably and securely in your ears while you train (even when you sprint at full speed). Answer important calls while training, if you wish, so you don't miss a beat.

  • Accurate heart rate monitoring - when using the free Jabra SportLife app you can track your workout through GPS, monitor your heart rate to ensure you are in the right training zone (fat burning, cardio, intense, etc) and real-time audio coaching to give you an extra push.

  • Compatible with other your other smartphone apps - The Sport Pulse is compatible with other fitness apps such as: Endomondo, MapMyFitness, Strava and Runkeeper. It also easily connects to your iTunes and Spotify.

Getting Started

If you're afraid that getting started with the Jabra Sport Pulse will take an entire afternoon of failed attempts and reading of manuals - you're totally mistaken.

I was literally ready to start working out with my new headset within a few minutes from opening the package. The new headset comes with about 30-40% battery life, so you could definitely get a workout in right away.

Before getting started you just need to figure out what size you are in eargel (the little yellow buds) and earwing (the black rubber tips). Each package contains 4 sets of these eargels and earwings in different sizes, so try the sizes and find the one that feels snug and comfortable in your ear.

Then activate the bluetooth function on your smartphone, turn on the headset by pressing down in the center of the microphone till the light on the earpiece flashes blue and you hear a voice in the earphones say "Connected". The first time there is voice-guided instruction to connect your new headset to your smartphone, so don't worry, you can't get it wrong.

It's important you keep the left earbud in your ear while you connect your device and while you train because it is on that side the heart rate monitor is located.

You can then open your Jabra SportLife App, choose your activity and press Start to begin your workout. Open your music program and press play to start hearing your favorite tunes in your ears.

Once you are done working out, just press Done to wrap up and save your workout. Remember to charge your headset when you get home. It takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery through the USB port and should only be charged through your computer. You'll find the USB charging port under the right earwing, so gently pull it back and insert the charger.


Like I've mentioned in the beginning of this post, I fell in love with this headset during the very first workout.

I love to have some dubstep, dance or hip hop music blaring in my ears when I workout. I feel like it gives me that extra "umph" to train or run with music. Especially if there's a mean beat and heavy bass in there, I feel like I can pop out an extra rep or lift just a bit heavier - aka #beastmode.

Until now I've either used my nano ipod or my iphone with an armband to listen to music while out for a run or at the gym. It was so liberating to train with the wireless headset, the sound was great and nothing got tangled anywhere. That in itself is a huge selling-point for me personally.

The main selling-point which means a lot for me as an athlete, and a fitness enthusiast in general, is the accurate heart rate monitoring through the ear. I say accurate because studies show that the most precise places on the body to monitor the heart rate is, and I quote, "Through the ear or through the rear". I personally wouldn't want to be monitored through the latter, regardless of how accurate it can be!

Unlike the other fitness trackers on the market that track your pulse through your wrist, the Jabra Sport Pulse Headset monitors your heart rate through your ear and this makes for a more accurate monitoring of your heart rate because the flow of blood through the ear is much more uniform compared to the wrist. Plus the ear doesn't move around and get sweaty like your wrist inevitably does during your workout.

The only down-side to the Pulse Sport is that there aren't many activities on the companion App Jabra SportLife yet. There's only running, walking, hiking, skating, cycling and skiing - both on treadmills and outdoors. I personally wish there was weight-lifting, crosstraining (elliptical machine) and circuit-training on there.

This is however easily remedied by connecting to my Endomondo App which does have these activities on their list and it can also connect to my Jabra heart rate monitor giving me an accurate tracking and reading of my heart rate and calorie expenditure.

Another factor that should be mentioned is the price point. A Jabra Sport Pulse headset costs $199.99 USD with free shipping through their website. Find the product info here.

I've read other reviews where they believe that is quite expensive for a headset. I use this headset everyday for my training and I feel it's been worth every penny just because of the convenience and the great motivational factor behind getting the heart rate information.

However price sensitivity it is relative, it really depends on whether you feel you'll get a lot of value from this purchase.

I've been assured by the Jabra representative, Suzaan Sauerman, with whom I've had the pleasure of talking to, that they are constantly working on adding more activities and improving their product to give the consumer the best experience.

She also hinted to new and exciting sports related Jabra products on the horizon and I can't wait! If this Jabra Sports Pulse is just the beginning, then Jabra is definitely off to a terrific start within this field. This athlete approves and recommends it!

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