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I know this post may seem everything but fitness-related, but actually I think it's incredibly relevant to my fellow Fit Girls.

If you train several times a week, then you must also have the "hair washing dilemma" that I also face. On one hand you know that you shouldn't wash your hair every day because it strips your hair from its natural oils, eventually leaving it brittle and lifeless. On the other hand, you're thinking "gross!" and you know you'll walk around for a day or 2 with your hair in a ponytail because your hair will look and most likely smell gross. Who's with me on this so far?

Well, then I'm so happy to share with you that a Brazilian Blow Out can solve at least part of the problem. Unfortunately you still can't and shouldn't wash your hair every day.. BUT! This treatment has been a godsend for me in more ways than one. A little more on how and why in a bit - first I want to tell you what a Brazilian Blow Out is and where I had it done.

Brazilian Blow Out Hair Treatment

This hair straightening treatment consists of sealing a liquid keratin solution into the hair with a hair iron. It has been used as a hair relaxing method in Brazil for decades under the name "escova progressiva".

The solution is applied to your locks, allowed to seep into the hair folicules for 20 minutes and then carefully sealed into the strands with a hair iron. The treatment itself takes around 90 minutes from beginning to end and the end result lasts approximately 10 -12 weeks, depending on how good you are at taking care of your hair.

If you have coarse and/or wavy/curly hair (like I do) the treatment eliminates frizz and it can give your natural waves a more healthy sheen. However with this treatment it will be a breeze to quickly run the hair iron through your hair and have shiney, straight hair.

If you have straight hair, the treatment will give your hair luster and eliminate frizz, but you will still be able to use a curling iron when it fancies you.

Where I got my treatment done

I had my treatment done here in Copenhagen at the Brazilian Hair Care Salon in Vesterbro by the owner, Sara Madsen. Sara speaks Spanish, English and Swedish (she originally resides in Malmö) but she's learning Danish as well. So if you speak any of the above languages, she'll do her best to give you a good experience in her newly opened salon.

Sara was very friendly and took good time to explain how the treatment works. She analyzed my hair and told me that I've been using shampoos filled with sulfates that dry out naturally wavy hair like mine. No wonder my hair has been so brittle! I can definitely recommend this salon for the service and great treatment.


At Brazilian Hair Care the price for a Brazilian Blowout depends on how thick and long your hair is, so you might pay more or less than the guideline prices below. Sara calculates how much product your hair will need and gives you a definite price when she's had a chance to analyze your hair.

  • Short hair (shorter than shoulder-length) - 1800 danish kroner

  • Long hair (longer than shoulder-length) - 2500 danish kroner

Both lengths and prices include a conditioner and a hair mask sample you get to take home with you.

It is pricey, that's for sure. Not everyone can afford to pay for this treatment, fortunately it is "only" every 3rd month you'd have to pay that amount if you decided to try and become addicted like I have!

How and Why it works for me

I have now had my treatment for 4 weeks and I can say that I am so happy I had it done. I will forever be addicted to this marvelous treatment because I haven't had a bad hair day since. I have never been able to just "wash and go" with my naturally wavy and coarse hair. If I did, I would end up looking like a troll or a chia pet, all depending on the air humidity that day! So I would either have to take at least 20 minutes to blow dry and straighten my hair, or just brush my impossible locks back into a ponytail.

Now I actually have the option of letting my hair air-dry and it still looks great! If I choose to blow-dry and then iron my hair, it stays straight and glossy until I wash it again. I can even let my hair down on day 2 without any shame. Now THAT is a luxury I have never had!

I use a dry shampoo on the in-between hair washing days so I don't feel like I have greasy, smelly and sweaty hair. I also decided to buy the Acai non-sulfate shampoo, conditioner and hair serum and have been using that these 2 weeks. They are quite pricey but they do seem to make a difference in my hair's overall appearance. Plus Sara promised me that they would definitely help prolong the effect of the treatment in my hair, which should last up to 3 months if I take good care of my hair.

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