6-Directions Training Sliders

This week's favorite

I've posted about these wonderful 6-Direction Training Sliders on my instagram before, but I wanted to emphasize just how much I love them by including them to my all-time favorites.

If you haven't tried or seen these sliders before, allow me to introduce you to them. They are flat, light-weight hexagonal sliders that are made in special material that makes them slide easily over most surfaces like parquet, vinyl and tiled floors. Naturally the surface should be as smooth as possible to ensure optimal use, if the surface is too porous or uneven, you won't be able to use them. However I had them with me on vacation recently and I also used them on a wooden deck without a problem.

The set contains 4 sliders which you can use individually, as a set of 2 or all four, depending on the exercise you are executing.

I've really enjoyed using 6-Directions sliders because they're fun to use and they also add some other functional elements to your training such as coordination and balance. Anyone in any condition and fitness level can use them and they are so versatile.

You can take them with you to the gym and include them to your current workout like lunges, TRX and core. But in reality you don't even need a gym with these sliders, you can easily workout at home and pretty much anywhere. You can take with you on vacation to get a good full-body workout and you don't need much room at all to train.

If you are thinking "But I wouldn't know what to do with these even if I had them!" then fortunately you can follow 6-Directions on Instagram and/or Facebook for inspiration videos. I have posted a video on My Instagram where I show how I've used these sliders and I will continue to share my workouts with them, so stay tuned!

I plan on using these fantastic sliders from now on for my own train and I also plan on introducing my personal training clients to these fantastic sliders! So to all my fellow personal trainers, I can really recommend you pick up a set! They can be a great way to challenge your advanced clients but could also be used for those clients that need rehabilitation post-injury.

So basically there is no excuse for not working out :-) No gym, no problem! Slide into better shape with these bad boys and have fun while doing it!

You can order yours on 6-Directions website: www.6-directions.com

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