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This week's review

I was recently on holiday in beautiful Tuscany and halfway through my holiday Europe was hit by a scorching heat wave that had us sweating buckets. Before I left home though, I threw these Hydro Tabs by Bodylab in my bag and, oh my God, I am so glad I did!

What are Hydro Tabs?

These effervescent tabs allow you to make your own sports drink à la Gatorade. Simply drop one of these tabs into your 500 ml. water bottle and you have a sports drink that rehydrates and replenishes lost vitamins and minerals during intense training due to sweat.

Bodylab's Hydro Tabs are sugar-free, contains various vitamins and minerals (as known as electrolytes) and also include 75 mg. pure caffeine per tab. They are available in 3 flavors: Citrus, Orange and Fruit Mix.

My Review

I've been using these Hydro Tabs for a little over 2 weeks and I really enjoy them due to the good taste and the little energy boost the added caffeine gives me.

I know "good taste" is subjective and some may not agree with me, but I like that the flavor is subtle and not too dominant. It's basically slightly flavored water, but I prefer this over a strong flavor because I feel I become more thirsty if the drink is too sweet. But to each his own. You'll have to try it for yourself to find out :-)

They are easy to have with you, as they come in a small tube, so I have them with me in my gym bag and I also took them with on my vacation when sight-seeing and on hikes. I also like that they are inexpensive so you can save by purchasing a tube of Hydro Tabs versus buying a sports drink each time you train.

I cannot stress the importance of staying hydrated in the heat and while training enough. So whether you are training or just being active in the heat and sweating, these Hydro Tabs could be a great way to stay sharp and hydrated. They contain only 6 calories per tab so they can easily fit even a low calorie diet.

As for the caffeine boost, I can feel it because I'm quite sensitive to those stimulants. However if you usually drink several cups of strong coffee per day or frequently use pre-workout or other supplements that contain high levels of caffeine, your caffeine sensitivity will most likely be higher and you may not feel it as much or at all.

Regardless, you shouldn't take these for the caffeine, but because they provide a good shot of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium and some salt - all of which your body loses when you sweat.

So in conclusion I give these a big thumbs up and can totally recommend Bodylab's Hydro Tabs to sweaty people everywhere! :-)

You can buy them here: Bodylab's Hydro Tabs

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