There's nothing like your first... trainer! :-)

I have had the honor of being many people's "first", but I have never had a trainer/coach myself. I am so excited to share with you all that now I do!

I've been a personal trainer for 9 years and have trained myself up to my first 3 bikini fitness competitions. I can be very disciplined when I have to be and get my butt to the gym every day. So why would I need a trainer, you ask?

Why get a Trainer?

Well, the other day it occured to me, that even though I am disciplined and know my way around a gym, that perhaps I could benefit from having a kick-ass trainer that would kick my ass. Some lifts are just much more effective when you have a spotter and who wouldn't push themselves that extra 20% when you have someone there encouraging you and always checking your form?

Even though I'm a trainer myself, I can still be pushed beyond my comfort zone and I know for a fact that THAT is where the magic happens. I also enjoy to learn and be inspired by other trainers. No one knows everything. Everybody - even us fitness folk who have been training for years - could benefit from having their technique checked by a pair of expert eyes.

All the very best athletes in the world have a trainer: Serena and Venus Williams, Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt, Michelle Lewin, the list goes on and on. I decided that I wanted to take my training to the next level for my next competition in 14 weeks.

Luckily I already knew just the right trainer to help me be the best athlete I can be: Herman Mohr Hermansen.

I decided that he was the right trainer for me because I consider him one of the best trainers in my network and because he is a genuinely a great guy. Having good chemistry with your trainer is very important, you're going to be spending a lot of time with this person.

About Herman

Herman Mohr Hermansen is a very experienced personal trainer, a professional powerlifter and strongman that has also played various sports in his youth. Originally from the Faroe Islands, he now lives in Copenhagen with his beautiful family and is the owner of Target Power Gym in Amager.

He trains his clients in his gym and I train my clients there as well - that is how I met Herman.

Herman focuses on traditional compound exercises and has a training philosophy that appeals to me. He focuses on building strength and muscle through proper form and constant progressive overload of the muscles.

About the Training & Diet

Herman's philosophy is the type of training I personally believe in and practice with my clients as well. Personally I just want to lift heavy things and feel I'm getting stronger - I love it! So in terms of training, Herman and I see eye-to-eye and I already know that his approach is right for me - it's right for everybody!

As for diet, Herman also has a simple and effective approach to this and it is a bit different than mine. Different isn't necessarily bad, so I am willing to try something new with my diet during my comp prep. I have decided that I'm going to do what I expect from my own clients: 110% commitment and trust in my trainer's guidance.

So I have put my training and diet in Herman's very capable hands and I will be giving weekly updates of our sessions and my progress here on the blog, as well as on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. So stay tuned on my way to the stage for the 4th time, guided by one of Copenhagen's best personal trainers.

Read more about Herman and his personal training on his Facebook page: Mohr Results.

Our 1st session

We had our first training session together yesterday evening and it was a tough but awesome workout focusing on glutes and hamstrings. I think my facial expression on the pictures pretty much sums up the intensity of the training. I am feeling those muscles for sure today! Thanks, Herman :-)

We will be training again tomorrow, I just hope I can move my legs! Want to see what and how we are training? Then add me on SnapChat: yalonso

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