Bodylab's Minimum Deluxe Protein Bar

This week's favorite

It seems like everyone nowadays is afraid of the big, bad carb. These tiny molecular super-villans that live in your food and once you consume them, they instantly make you fatter. Oh no!!!

Although over-eating carbs can make you gain weight, they are not the villan. Over-eating in general is the reason people are gaining weight the world over. But that's a topic for a different blog post.

I am not afraid of carbs, because I know that they are necessary macronutrients the body needs for fuel. However I also believe in a balanced, healthy approach to a daily diet - whether it's protein, fats or carbs. That's why I try to look for healthy low carb alternatives to various foods and snacks so I can enjoy various types of carbohydrate sources without over-eating.

I prefer to eat my daily protein intake through my food, but every now and then, for the sake of convenience, I enjoy having a protein shake or protein bar. Most protein bars on the market actually contain a lot of sugar, actually making them candy bars disguised as healthy protein bars. So remember to read those labels!

Today I actually want to tell you about these amazing, tasty low carb bars from Bodylab. They are hands down the BEST protein bars I've had to date! And I'm not just saying that because they sponsor me! I have enjoyed Quest bars and other bars (shhh don't tell Bodylab I said that!) but when I received these Minimum Deluxe Protein Bars a few weeks ago.. well it was love at first bite.

If you know your low carb bars then you know that they are usually quite sticky and chewy in their consistency. They stick to the wrapper and it can be down-right annoying to peel it off. Well then I'm excited to tell you that Bodylab has solved that problem with these new low carb bars! The consistency is not chewy and they do NOT stick to the wrapper at all.

These Minimum Deluxe Protein Bars are available in 2 flavors so far: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chunky Chocolate. Both flavors are great, I almost don't have a favorite because they are equally tasty.

The best news is that each bar is only about 200 calories and contain 20 gr protein, 21 gr fiber and under 1.3 gr sugar.

So if you are looking for a good snack to have with you on-the-go for school, work or as a post-workout snack, then look no further! I promise you that you won't regret trying them!

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