10 things you should know about dating a fitgirl

So if you scroll through Instagram and see pictures of these hardbodied, sexy fitgirls doing their thing and you think "I want a fitgirl for a girlfriend!". Well, all I can say is: be careful what you wish for...

After my latest comp, which was literally this passed Halloween weekend, I was doing some introspection. I have to give my man props for being the patient and supportive guy he is. He'll be the first one to tell you that, although having a fitgirl for a girlfriend may have its perks, it also has it's trials.

So I compiled a list of the top 10 things that you need to decide whether you can live with if you want to date or live with a fitgirl ;-) Enjoy!

1- We don't share food - I'm not kidding. Everything on our plate has been meticulously weighed, measured to fit our macros. We take our macros very seriously. Some people may take offense when they ask for a bite and we give them the "look". Off-season you may stand a chance and we can be generous with our food. But on-season Forget About It! It may be hard for someone who has never comp prepped before to understand how each gram counts and think we're being hysterical. But just try to take our food.. You'll lose a finger real quick.

2- Gym comes first - Yes, we love you but gym is importanter. Yes, it's even more important than grammar. Especially during comp prep, be prepared to be put in second place to training during those crucial weeks. So instead of taking it personally, if you aren't a big gymrat yourself, take it as an opportunity to get into it or just take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your PlayStation, dude!

3- Protein farts - Many will deny this, and fine, maybe it's just me (but it really isn't though).. The fact of the matter is high protein diets give you gas. Deal with it! Well, in all fairness it isn't just the protein, it's also all the fiber and some alternative sweeteners that can also cause the.. issue.. But yeah, it's a real thing. Also, in general we become quite sensitive to everything we eat, so if we've had a carb-rich cheat meal.. Grab your gas mask, just saying.

4- We don't do clubbing - Well perhaps the younger competitors still do clubbing and can still be fresh for training the next day. I definitely can't. One night of bad sleep and I'm a wreck for days, I can feel it in my training and I have a tendency to want to eat more, etc. Clubbing and drinking simply don't fit my particular lifestyle.

Especially when comp prepping, we can't just randomly go out to eat. We can't share popcorn and candy at the movies. But we still want to go out and be social, we're only human!

So be creative with social things and date nights. Take her favorite protein bar to the movies or pop your own fat-free, healthier popcorn from home to take to the movies, take her on a picnic where she can bring her meal prep, how about a spa day with couples massage? A museum or theater trip would be cool too. It all doesn't have to revolve around food or drinks.

5- Drink all the water! Yep, we hydrate constantly and you'd think we'd have larger bladders due to that effect.. Nope! You probably have to pause that movie half a dozen times during the course of the evening.

6- Mood swings - Some have it worse than others and especially during a comp prep when calories are low, your body is tired, you might feel particularly hormonal and emotional because you feel "fat" because of your impending comp. We just need support but it's also totally fine to call us out when we're being hungry fit divas.

7- We take up space - Ok bikini girls might get smaller as they approach comp time but we do take up space, or rather our gear does. We might be hitting the gym twice a day, that's a lot of gym outfits and kicks in the closet (besides our "regular" clothes & shoes). These gym outfits end up filling up the hamper super fast. If we shower at the gym, that's extra towels in the hamper too. Our meal prep tuppers will fill up the fridge and ultimately the dishwasher.

Oh, and don't forget the million protein shakers in every shade of pink too (and God forbid we forgot to rinse out a shaker! Gas mask!). Plus an assortment of gear like training gloves, straps, elastics, yoga mats, maybe dumbells for home training, you name it! I even have a cross trainer at home. Yeah.. Like I said, we take up space.

8- Post comp blues - Perhaps not everyone gets this but I definitely have tried it. Mentally it can be tough to see your body go from shredded as fuck to "normal". You know you aren't fat but it can be disconcerting the first few weeks. Occasionally you get the odd jerky remark from some.. well, jerk, that comments on how much weight you've packed on post-comp (yes, it happens more often than you may think). Support may be needed to help us get back into a motivated off-season.

9- All fitness all the time - Especially during a comp prep we are one-track minds focused solely on our training, diets, posing, etc. even our jokes become mainly fitness-related. Yes, we live in a little fitness bubble and it can do us some good to be called out on it on occasion to take our minds off that. Personally, I'm glad that my fiancé isn't a competitor, he broadens my horizons and reminds me that there is more to life beyond the world of fitness.

10- Social media fitness - If your girl is into fitness and/or competes, chances are she also has an Insta, snapchat, blog and god knows what other type of social media outlet to motivate and inspire others. Just like yours truly :-)

This means that you will just have to deal with incessant photos and video snaps being taken of healthy meals, workouts, gym outfits, blog posts about fit girls, you get the idea.. And lucky you, you'll get to be that gorgeous girls' personal paparazzi ;-)

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, friends! Fitness should be fun!

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