Last Minute Fit Xmas Gifts

If you are anything like me, it's mid-month and you are still missing some Christmas presents. Every year I tell myself that I will buy my Christmas presents in good time. Every year I fail miserably at this task.

Luckily it isn't too tough to find some great gifts for the adorable gymrat in your life and you can still have them delivered before Christmas if you act NOW!

1. TriggerPoint Performance Foam Roller

A good foam roller should be every fitness enthusiasts' bestfriend. Whether you lift, run, swim, play ball, do yoga or you're a coach potato - foam rolling is beneficial for everyone.

Self-myofascial release (SMR) is a great way to either warm up or cool down (or both) for a workout to help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as aiding in increasing mobilitity and flexibility in the muscles and joints.

I've tried many different brands of foam rollers and, just like Goldie Locks, I found some to be too hard, too soft, too small, etc. TriggerPoint Performance foam rollers are definitely my favorite in every way. You can order yours from ActiveAid in 2 sizes, Grid 1.0 and Grid 2.0. I personally use the Grid 2.0 and love it!

2. Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Headset

I am a huge fan of Jabra's sports headsets. I personally own and have written about the Jabra Sport Pulse model which also has a built-in heart rate monitor. I wear it every single day so I can listen to music while I walk, bike, train, run. It's become one of those things that I simply couldn't do without.

The Jabra Sport Pace just launched recently and is available in 3 colors: blue, red and yellow. Unlike it's predecessors, it doesn't just consist of 2 earbuds, it also fits around the ear ensuring a perfect fit. It doesn't have a heart rate monitor, therefor the price is more affordable but the sound quality is just as good as the Pulse or Coach.

A Jabra App, which can be downloaded to your smartphone, is included in the price and is great for tracking and registering your trainings.

Your fit girl or guy will LOVE being able to train wirelessly - that's a guarantee!

3. Bodylab Medium Package

You definitely can't go wrong getting your favorite gymrat some new supplements. All us fitness folk love our supps and it can be a pricey lifestyle. Whether it's a gift for the experienced fitness lover or for a beginner with a new year resolution, this package is a sure winner.

This medium package from Bodylab includes 1 kg Whey Protein Powder in your choice of flavor (some of my personal favorites are Strawberry White Chocolate, Caramel Milkshake and Milk Chocolate), 1 box (24 bars) Minimum Protein Bars in your choice of flavor (both flavors are awesome), 1 bottle Omega-3 capsules, 1 bottle Bodymin multi-vitamins and 1 bottle Trimlet fat burners.

4. Bodylab Gift Card

If all else fails and you simply can't make up your mind, then there is nothing wrong with getting your special fitness guy or girl a gift card so they can choose their own supplements or gear. I would personally be ecstatic if I got one in my Christmas stocking!

You can purchase a fitness gift card from Bodylab ranging from 100kr to 1000kr - just click here.

Merry Christmas, friends! Wishing lots of happiness, health and GAINS! ;-)

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