Every little bit helps

Hey, friends. So yesterday was my 34th birthday. Yes, I am an old lady, a fit lady, but old nonetheless. I'm cool with that though, I enjoy the process of getting older and, hopefully, wiser.

I spent my birthday training, swimming, relaxing on my own. It was nice to have some quiet time to think about this passed year and count my blessings. And indeed I am priviledged and have so mang things to be thankful for: friends, family, my pups, inspiring clients, wonderful followers, a roof over my head and food on the table.

This morning when I woke up I realized that a lot of food had been left over from a big breakfast with friends the day before. I had 2 huge loaves of bread, all sorts of cold cuts, butter, mayo, juice and sodas. There was no way I'd eat that and I couldn't dream of throwing it out, so I wondered if a shelter could use it if I whipped up some sandwiches and delivered it to them.

I realized that I had no idea where my nearest shelter was. The only shelter that came to mind was one on Istedgade in the center of the city. I wondered if there was anything in my area, so I googled it and found a great website:


It gave me an overview of all the shelters in Denmark and I was able to find one that was very close to me. I was surprised to see that there were several shelters in my area that I'd never heard of or noticed before.

So I went to my local supermarket and picked up some cheese and a cucumber (I couldn't dream of giving anyone a sandwich without some type of veggie in it!). I spent under 30 kr and just a quick bike ride back and forth.

It took me 15 minutes to whipped 16 big sandwiches and wrap them in plastic wrap. I then called my local shelter and asked if it was alright I swung by with some sandwiches, a few liters juice and 3 large bottles of soda. I asked if it was too small a donation to be of any help? The woman on the other end of line was extremely surprised and she was so sweet. She said that they would love any type of donation, big or small, and especially if they were fresh sandwiches ready to be handed out.

So I jumped in the car and it took me a few minutes to drive there. Today I visited Herbegscentret in Sundby: http://www.herbergscentret.dk

The woman I had spoken to over the phone buzzed me into the reception and she called her coworker to come take the bags with sandwiches and beverages.

They both looked at me and asked if I was donating on behalf of a company. I said no, I just felt like helping out and thought I'd make some sandwiches and I wished I had more sandwiches, 16 seemed like too few. They looked at me, kind of puzzled, but they smiled and said that it was a wonderful donation and that every little bit helps. They told me that they were especially busy on a Sunday afternoons, so that my sandwiches and beverages would be handed out right away.

I walked out of that dim shelter feeling happy and motivated to help out more in the future. Especially now that I know that there are so many places close to me and that I don't have to wait till I have collected boxes and boxes of food.

It's great to know that with under 30 kr, less than 30 minutes of my day, and some good leftovers, I can just swing by one random Sunday afternoon with a few sandwiches and make a small difference. And you can, too!

Please check out http://www.stopspildafmad.dk/madtilhjemloese.html and let's help stop food waste and help others at the same time. It's a WIN - WIN! :)

Happy Sunday, friends!

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