OMG! You're VEGAN?!

So as some of you may have noticed from my most recent posts, I have gone vegan.

The most common reaction I've gotten, even from my own parents, has been something like: "OMG! Why?! How will you get enought protein? What about your GAINZZZZ?"

It seems like most people think that by going vegan, I'll end up looking like this:

However I can assure you that despite my gradual elimination of all animal products from my diet in these last 5 months, my GAINZ are just fine.

In fact, I'm happy to report that in the passed 5 months my body fat percentage has dropped while I've gained lean muscle mass and gained strength.

My skin is clearer, I almost never feel bloated, I don't retain as much water as I did before... The list of pros goes on and on.

My body feels good and I feel great about my choice to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. WIN!

How did I make the transition?

First I decided to become a vegetarian after Thanksgiving. I don't know if the monstruous amounts of turkey and stuffing consumed that day were the final straw. As far as I remember it wasn't just one single event that made me make the decision. I could just feel that was what my body needed.

Inspired by one of my amazing clients who also gradually became a vegetarian, I first dropped red meat and poultry. I hung on to seafood, eggs and dairy for a few weeks because I thought I needed them as a source of protein. At least that is what I told myself.

I soon realized that I actually no longer wanted to eat any of it, but I had some emotional attachment to certain foods that made it hard for me to let them go. Cheese, in particular. My body was definitely ready to go all-in with a plant-based diet, but my mind had to catch up and get with the program.

The days went by and I experimented with new ingredients like tofu, all sorts of legumes, vegetables, grains and fruits. I began gaining more confidence in my ability to design meal plans for myself so I would get all the macronutrients my body needed.

Then, just like that, body, soul and mind were ready and I was a vegan.

What about clothes, shoes & accessories?

Indeed that is going to be my next step in this process. Unfortunately I do not have access to unlimited funds, so I can't simply replace everything my wardrobe just yet.

It's annoying when people point that out (also other vegans) and tease you about not being a "real" vegan. I know I should just brush it off, but before I do, please let me vent a little. Kindly bear with me...

Whether you are in the process of getting into a healthier lifestyle, training, yoga, kicking a bad habit or becoming a vegan - it is precisely that, a PROCESS.

No one just shows up at the gym for 1 day and leaves the gym knowing every exercise and at their ideal weight, right? Right! Because it's a process that takes time to perfect.

Becoming a vegan is also a process. No one should ever judge where you are on that journey. Just the fact that someone begins to actively eliminate meat from their diets is a reason to applaud and support them, not give them a hard time for not going all the way or not "being there" yet.

And the same applies for vegans who are still under construction and still have leather goods in their wardrobe. Is it ideal? Of course not. WE KNOW! We feel guilty about it already, give us a break. We've come this far. We will get there.

So remember, friends, it doesn't have to be "all or nothing" from the get-go. Just start the process and do what feels right :-)

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