Paula's Inspiring Transformation

Reflections of a previously out-of-shape chocolate-junkie

By the end of 2014, I was the heaviest I had ever been and deeply unhappy. I was a “big girl” (lie #1), there was “nothing I could do about it” (lie #2), I was “weak, unmotivated and I loved chocolate, wine, cheese, bread, beer, etc.” too much (lies #3, 4 and 5). These lies created the foundation for my everyday life - my identity. So “satisfied” with binge watching the latest TV fad and socialising/philosophising over beers or coffees that I was missing the opportunity to engage actively with the choices that influence my well-being.

In February 2015, I took the plunge and started working out with a personal trainer, the fabulous Ms Yvonne Alonso. What I have learned about myself during this process regularly astounds me. I do not think I had truly met myself before, I certainly had no idea what I was capable of and would deny any such abilities should I be “accused” of them.

Yvonne is an exceptional human being. She is in tremendous shape, which is inspiring and at the same time she was able to make me feel totally comfortable in my own skin (even all that extra skin housing all that extra me). This is no small feat considering just how intimidating it is to take those first few step into a gym – the cathedral of fit, sweaty, and ripped-bodies… We started small and built strength and improved condition over time. In combination with a personally tailored meal plan the excess kilos just flew off, in fact I had lost 10 kgs in the first 4 months (see before and after photos).

Yvonne’s positive attitude and attention to form continues to give me the confidence to lift a little heavier and try and little harder each session. Each training session is appropriately challenging and I experience small but significant successes each time, I have discovered that I am a little competitive (probably more than a little) so these small successes are extremely motivating for me and I love that I am getting stronger almost daily.

Furthermore, Yvonne is extremely knowledgeable and applies herself to staying up-to-date with latest advances in the health and fitness industries. Considering the volume of quackery associated with the health industry in particular, and as a medical scientist myself, I am very impressed with the level of research Yvonne does in this area to ensure that the advice she provides is well founded and safe.

After 11 months of training, I had lost 13 kgs along with 12 and 13 cm from my waist and hips, respectively. Yvonne has given me the tools to transform my body and lifestyle, but more than the obvious (training techniques and meal planning) working with Yvonne has given me a clearer understanding of who I am without the excuses and lies. I am now confident enough to take on new challenges and excited about opportunities I would most certainly have treated with trepidation in the past; more than that I am happy, healthy and loving my active lifestyle.

I couldn’t recommend Yvonne more, her professionalism and personal experience make her an ideal choice for people looking to lose a few kilos and get in shape as well as people looking to get back into gym after a break or experienced sporty-types who would like to complement their current sport specific program with personal training sessions. Take the meal-plan, seriously – just do it!

Paula Hedley, PhD

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