Nutana Nut Paté

This Week's Favorite

If you follow me on Snapchat: yalonso, then you know that I'm a self-proclaimed Peanut Butter addict. I show my weekly ritual of scraping the bottom of the PB jar on my Snapchat and opening a new, fresh jar.

Nothing on earth can ever top my PB addiction, of that I'm pretty certain.. HOWEVER! there are a few runner-ups that kinda give my PB a run for its money when it comes to competing for my love and obsessive consumption..

Just wanted to confess my recent addiction with you all.. Nutana Nut Paté.

I was skeptical at first glance because I'm usually not keen on canned foods. Boy, am I glad I kept an open mind because it was love at first bite. Whether you are a herbivore or a meat-eater, this paté is seriously delicious and addictive. It has a smooth creamy consistency and a mild, nutty taste that really resembles a "regular" paté.

I found this paté in my local Irma for about 30 kr. I've also seen in it other Coop supermarkets for about 26 - 30 kr.

There are a few other types of spreads Nutana offers: Bean Paté, Veggie Paté and a Sandwich spread. I've tried the latter, it was ok but nothing to write home about. I'm excited to try the other 2 patés though! If they're anything like the Nut Paté then I'll be thrilled!

I enjoy eating it on a crisp bread either with vegan cheese or by itself. It would be amazing in sandwiches! It would be a great alternative to any type of meat cold cut and a great product to integrate to a meat-free day. I can definitely recommend it!

Did you know?

Nutana is actually a 118 year old Danish company that has specialized in developing and making organic products since 1898. Nutana means "new" or "fresh" in Bengali.

The founder, Carl Ottosen, decided to start his company after a trip to the US because he felt there was a correlation between overall health and consuming healthy, organic food without preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring.

It's safe to say that Carl Ottosen was ahead of his time and his observation was right on the money. Could you imagine if all food companies had had the same vision in 1898? How much healthier a planet and population we'd have today?

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