Casper's Fitness Journey

Casper lost 10kg in 6 weeks

My experience with Yvonne has been thoroughly fantastic and a life-changing one. I have lost 10 kilos, my body fat percentage has dropped, I’ve gone down 1-2 clothes sizes and, most importantly, I’ve found my self-respect. This never would have happened without amazing, awesome Yvonne by my side.

The first thing I noticed was Yvonne’s forthcomingness and cheerful smile. We met at TarGet Power Gym, which she had strongly suggested I see and also get a feeling for whether we had chemistry together. Nothing about just meeting up and just go to work. Before we got started with the process, she tested my condition to evaluate my fitness level. This gave me a sense of her seriousness and commitment. We discussed my goals and what I wanted to achieve, and based on this I received a customized program – no standard exercises: it was 100% made for ME.

Then we got started with the training. One undeniable fact: Yvonne is extremely good, top professional and is 200% absolutely knowledgeable about her craft. She has an eye for the slightest detail and always emphasizes technique before weight. She is motivating and 200% dedicated. She has an exceptional energy, she's ALWAYS smiling and she can push me to perform my absolute best. When the last reps became unbearable hard she would cheer me on and push me to finish the set – she’s tough, fair and HONEST; something I really appreciate.

My chemistry with Yvonne was excellent – I loved every second and I felt comfortable even in personally challenging situations; in particular the first time I had my body fat percentage measured. The entire time Yvonne was present with her watchful eye and she was always attentive to my needs. This only reaffirmed that Yvonne has a very professional approach with her clients. I always felt that I was in safe and caring hands. She made me feel special and she believed in me every step of the way.

I had the option of adding a meal plan to my training package. I was a little skeptical and said that I would like to try it but, in order to avoid losing motivation, the meal plan would have to be easy to make and all the ingredients should be convenient and easily available at any supermarket. That was precisely what I got. A super easy meal plan to keep, which in turn fueled my motivation. By the way, take the meal plan serioiusly – it is more important then you think and gives amazing results.

My journey with Yvonne has been life-affirming and has boosted my lacking self-confidence to immense proportions. I feel comfortable in my clothes and have been reaffirmed in the fact that I can achieve my goals if I set my mind to it. I feel I have gotten a better understanding of the importance of the balance between nutrition and training. In addition I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train with one of the most professional and nicest personal trainers I’ve ever met.

Based on all this I can only give Yvonne my warmest and best recommendation. If I should ever need a personal trainer again I would, without hesitation, exclusively choose Yvonne as my motivator, butt-kicker and guardian angel.


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