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A review of Hot Yoga Denmark

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my good friend and fitness blogger, Yvonne Alonso, to join her for a two week trial of Hot Yoga Denmark - with specific focus on the Bikram yoga classes. I have been practising bikram yoga for over 5 years and find it so powerful for both body and mind. Unfortunately, Yvonne had to have emergency surgery only few days before we were suppose to start, so I set off on the trial alone. I had some correspondence with Lis Molinari, who is the studio owner and she was extremely helpful in setting me up and getting me ready to start.

First Impression

At first entrance of the studio (which used to be an old cotton factory in Lyngby), you are met with serenity and calmness. The furniture and all the details have been carefully selected to make you feel welcome and relaxed. There are changing rooms for both men and women. They are very clean with all the facilities you need, including hairdryers for after a well deserved shower. The yoga studio is very light and bright, wooden floors and big mirrors almost all round so you can see your postures from all angles. The heat level in the room was absolutely perfect and the heat control system works very well. You are there to sweat, and sweat you will! Although it is important to note that Hatha and Yin yoga classes are also offered at Hot Yoga Denmark for those who might prefer practising yoga in comfortable room temperature conditions.

The Instructors

Both Lis and Dani are instructors and are both qualified bikram yoga instructors who have been practicing for many years. They will push you and correct your stance during the class in smaller classes and are very good with creating the right energy for the class. After class, a nice spicy mint tea is served and there is access to coconut water and normal water which can be bought from the studio. Cold water is also provided for free. Lis and I spend some time after class discussing how much bikram yoga does for the body and the feeling it creates within body and mind. It is very clear that she understands the daily demands and stress in everyday life and brings that to the practice.


Bikram yoga has been a great help to me for coping with a busy life and it's an extremely good cleanse for your body. I always feel like I've had a detox after a class. After my trial period, which I also had to cut short due to travelling, I plan to join Hot Yoga Denmark and start my Bikram practice on a more regular basis. I love the people and am looking forward to my next class. So it's safe to say that I would definitely recommend Hot Yoga Denmark to anyone looking to get started or continue with their bikram practice.

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