The end of an era: Target Power Gym

Yesterday was a sad day for many people. Target Power Gym closed its doors indefinitely.

If you follow me on social media, then you know that Target Power Gym is where I have trained my clients and myself for a little over 2 years now. I also trained up for my last competition in Target with the help of owner and personal trainer, Herman Mohr Hermansen. Most recently, I started to work at the front desk and I really loved it.

It's safe to say that Target is more than just a gym to me, it's a family and a safe haven. They welcomed me with open arms when I was looking for a new gym to set up shop. When my 8-year relationship ended, Target and my Target family was the one constant that helped me pull through that tough time.

I remember walking into Target that first day. Bodil and Herman were behind the front desk. They greeted me with a smile and Herman proudly gave me a tour of the facilities. It was the start of a great friendship that I value very much

Like everyone when they first step foot in Target, initially, I felt slightly intimidated by the loud rock music and the big muscular guys lifting heavy. I've been working in gyms for a decade, but not like this one.

I started bringing my clients to Target that same week and I soon realized that Target was special. People cheerfully greeted each other, they asked about your training, gave you a spot if you needed one or cheered you on as you pushed towards a PR. It didn't matter if you were a bodybuilder, athlete, expert, beginner, overweight or super lean. Everyone was respectful, supportive and passed no judgement.

The atmosphere was always inspiring and motivating. People were there to train hard and give it their 100%. As a result, I went from being a good personal trainer to a great personal trainer by being surrounded by great powerlifters, strongmen and other talented personal trainers.

Herman and his partners remain optimistic that they will find a new venue to reopen Target. I think we're a great many people that hope this will happen and soon. I'm also very optimistic that Target will reopen, I think Copenhagen needs a place like this - not just because of the specialized equipment and expertise, but the camaraderie that is unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced.

I couldn't let this day go by without acknowledging how I felt about it. I had my last client and last workout in Target yesterday morning. I left there with a heavy heart and teary-eyed. So when I say it's the end of an era, it's because the familiar venue has closed its doors and we won't be returning to that particular space. However I'm optimistic Target Gym will reopen and begin a new era with both old and new members making it stronger and better then ever.

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