I've Tried Eyebrow Microblading

Yes, I had my brows did!

I bet you're thinking "what does permanent makeup have to do with the fit life?". Well, the answer to that lies in why I decided to have them done in the first place.


I blame the 90s. If you were in rockin' the latest trends in the 90s, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Super thin brows were the SHIT in the 90s. So many poor, innocent brows were savagely over-plucked in the name of beauty. Ugh. Oh, the horror! Don't take my word for it, just ask the beautiful Gwen Stefani..

I think we can all agree that, although we all loved Gwen in the 90s, her After picture, with fuller brows, makes her look better, fresher, even younger.

And that is mainly why I decided to have my brows done. I had over-plucked my own brows and they never fully grew back. I felt like I looked tired and I have never liked having to draw in my brows, especially since I spend most of my time training.


There are so many semi-permanent makeup techniques available nowadays that it's difficult to figure out which one renders the most natural and long-lasting result.

It was extremely important to me that it the end result would look as natural as possible and I didn't end up looking like I had drawn my brows on with a magic marker.

I researched and looked at Before & After photos of various techniques: ombre, powdered, microshading, microfeathering, microblading, etc. It's important to also read about the potential risks and what could go wrong with the various procedures before you make a decision.

After some serious thought, I decided to go with microblading. I liked that it entails having the strands carefully drawn on the eyebrow that look like real hair versus having a uniform shading/filling under my own brow, as shown in the photo below. However, it's really a matter of personal preference. I like the airy, feathery look of the microblading because it seems more appropriate for me and the line of work I'm in.


While researching microblading, the brand PhiBrows kept coming up. That led me to find Sara Moe Rafaty's Facebook page Phibrows Microblading Copenhagen By SMR which then lead me to her Instagram profile @phibrows.smr

I liked her Before & After photos so I contacted her and we set up an appointment.

During our first appointment Sara explained the process to me and she made me feel very comfortable.

First Sara started by cleaning and disinfecting the brow area. Next she proceeded to draw the outline of the brow shape. She did this using a special pencil and a tool called a Ratio Divider that helps make the brow outline precise and symmetrical.

Once Sara was satisfied with the drawing of the brow outline, she double checked that it's symmetric with the help of an app. She took a picture of my eyes and brows and the app detects if there are any slight imprecisions that need to be corrected. Sara showed me the photo and also handed me a mirror so I could see the outline and approve it before we got started with the microblading procedure.


Well, let me put it this way, the strands are obviously not being licked on by kittens. So yes, it does sting. It is called microBLADING - the keyword being BLADE. These strokes that are drawn/cut into your epidermis are done with a small, sharp blade and then the ink is then rubbed into the cuts and left to set for 10 minutes at a time.

The procedure itself from beginning to end can take anywhere for 45 to 90 minutes. Sara sets extra time aside for all first-timers because some find the procedure painful and need to take several breaks along the way. There is an option to used a local anaesthetic that will make the procedure much less painful.

Now to be honest, I didn't find the procedure too painful and didn't need any anaesthetic. But I know have a high pain threshold, so do what's right for you.


Below you can see the Before & After picture of my brows after the 1st treatment. Photo taken by Sara Moe Rafaty.

After the procedure, the brows are of course dark because the ink is fresh. Within the next week to 2 months, the color fades up to 40%.

The first week after the procedure I had to carefully clean my brows 3 x a day and apply a thin layer of a vaseline-like cream which Sara provided me with. This is avoid any infections and scabbing which would compromise the end result.

After the 2 months you should return for the re-fill that should then last for 6 months to a year. The duration may vary depending on how oily your skin is, if you tend to sweat profusely and how well your skin holds on to the ink.


I was/am super pleased with my brows. The color faded a bit after the first treatment, but the overall shape of the brows still held on.

I was super excited to go to my second treatment because I felt more confident about it and I had a better idea of how thick and long I wanted my brows to be.

It's now been 12 days since my second appointment with Sara and my brows are completely healed.

I know the angle, lighting and hairstyles are completely different, but I think the difference is very obvious between the 2 pictures.

It feels so good to know that my brows look good and well-defined all the time. I don't have to fuss over them, draw them on or any of that nonsense. For me, personally, it's worth every penny.

I'm so glad I found Sara's Facebook page because she made the entire experience very pleasant with her professional and kind attitude. I can definitely recommend her if you're thinking of getting your brows done. Also, for my fellow expats, Sara speaks English fluently.

I know that I might have to go back sooner than the 6 months to get a refill due to my profession as a trainer. I can't and don't want to avoid sweating, swimming or going to a sauna. I will just have to get them refilled when that time comes. I'm fine with that because I love my new brows Thank you, Sara :-)

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