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​​I am 100% committed to helping my clients & students reach their fitness goals.
But don't take my word for it. Here are testimonials from a few of them.
Casper Gjede Jansen

Lost 10 kg in 6 weeks

"My journey with Yvonne has been life-affirming and has boosted my lacking self-confidence to immense proportions. I feel comfortable in my clothes and have been reaffirmed in the fact that I can achieve my goals if I set my mind to it.


I feel I have gotten a better understanding of the importance of the balance between nutrition and training. In addition I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train with one of the most professional and nicest personal trainers I’ve ever met."


Casper describes his experience and fitness journey here

Paula Hedley

Lost 10 kg in 4 months

"Yvonne has given me the tools to transform my body and lifestyle, but more than the obvious (training techniques and meal planning) working with Yvonne has given me a clearer understanding of who I am without the excuses and lies.

I am now confident enough to take on new challenges and excited about opportunities I would most certainly have treated with trepidation in the past; more than that I am happy, healthy and loving my active lifestyle."


Paula describes her journey from beginning to present here

Kristina Riisberg

Lost 16 kg in 9 months



“Uden undtagelse har jeg set frem til hver og en træningstime med Yvonne. Hun gør mig "glad i låget" og fylder mig med energi og positive tanker.”​

Kristina fortæller om hendes oplevelse fra start til slut her

"Without exception I have looked forward to each and every workout with Yvonne. She makes me feel "bubbly and happy" and fills me with energy and positive thoughts."


Kristina describes her journey from beginning to present here

Jeanette Høgfeldt Hansen

Lost 13 kg in 6 months 


“Lyn hurtigt lære Yvonne dine svage og stærke sider, og bruger dem perfekt så ens træning kommer til at fungere optimalt for en selv..”​

​Læs Jeanette's anbefaling her


"Yvonne quickly finds your strengths and weaknesses, and uses them perfectly so your training works optimally for you."

Read Jeanette's testimonial here

Pia Christina Stage-Larsen
Lost 14 kg in 5 months 
"Yvonne er god til at få alle op i tempo så man får svedt godt igennem og ingen slipper udenom . Der er fart på timerne og Yvonne er altid i godt humør så det føles ikke som om der er gået en time når vi er nået til cool down."
Læs Pia's anbefaling om Zumba timerne her
"Yvonne is good at getting everyone to pick up the pace so everyone really works up a sweat and there are no exceptions. The classes are high-energy and Yvonne is always in a good mood so you never notice that a whole hour has gone by the time we get to the cool-down."
Read Pia's testimonial about the Zumba classes here
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