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Come try my Zumba Fitness class!




Come join the party! Sign up for Zumba classes here:

Practical Info.


Kulturhuset Islands Brygge

(downstairs in the room called "Undergrunden")

        Address: Islands Brygge 18 - 2300 Copenhagen S. 


Sunday 13:00 - 14:00

(NB! starting time may vary depending on availability. Please check online calendar to be sure)

(The seasons starts February 4th)


5x clipcard: 325 kr

Pay per class: 75 kr

Extra good-to-know info.

Signing up

It important to sign up for each class via the online booking system so you're sure to have a spot in the class due to the limited space. Also, in case of any emergency, I send a text message to everyone signed up for the class.

What to bring

Remember comfortable training clothes, a water bottle and a small towel - because you will sweat! 


Shoes to wear

Comfortable shoes are the most important thing!

Running and cross-training shoes usually aren't the safest choice.

You need a shoe that allows your foot to pivot, these are the best for dancing Zumba. 

Be updated in case of class cancellations

If you want live updates on classes and other MYworkout events, go to MYworkout's Facebook page and click LIKE.

Most importantly, I usually write on the FB page right away if a class is canceled for any reason. So it's also practical to join the FB page. 


Join by clicking here:

NB! I do not accept credit cards unfortunately, please bring cash or use Mobilepay when you arrive.


I encourage you to please meet up 5-10 minutes early to the classes so we can get started on time.​




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